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Police & Emergency Services


We work with policing at a national level and with companies who want to get their services and products noticed by the police and the emergency services market. We know the market and we know what works.

Policing and the emergency services have their own language and way of doing things which is very different to the commercial world. Anyone from outside of policing and the emergency services will take time to understand the culture and structure, but we can hit the ground running from day one because we have lived it, worked it and get it.

We have launched national policing products, organised national conferences, led the strategic communications response to major incidents media trained and advised Chiefs and senior officers and orchestrated press briefings, conferences for national and international media.

We have the experience and understanding needed to navigate the complex structures and practices of emergency services communications.

We are vetted and trusted by some of the most senior police officers in the country.

Cyber and Security


We work with the National Cybercrime Programme for policing and providers of cyber security products and services as well as leading on the PR and marketing to launch five of the ten national Cyber Resilience Centres in England and Wales.

Our work with UK law enforcement gives us a unique insight into the cyber security market including the current threats, the latest challenges for businesses and the right contacts in the tech and security media.

Travel & Leisure

travel and leisure

With the UK leisure and tourism industry booming and oversees travel still presenting a challenge to businesses, there has never been a better time to revisit your current PR and marketing strategy and talk to us about how we can help.

We have a proven track record of securing positive coverage for clients in the holiday park industry, including securing over 200 pieces of positive media coverage in 12 months for just one of our clients in travel.

We have excellent contacts within the national travel media, consumer media, lifestyle media and travel influencers. We use a mix of targeted media stories, review visits, competition placements, awards and engaging social content to make your travel and tourism offering stand out from the rest.

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